Om oss

Destinasjonsservice AS is a tour operator offering adventure trips – mostly for the group market  – mainly to Kenya / Maasai Mara, Lofoten / Norway and Spitsbergen /Svalbard.  Iceland is allso one of our preferred adventures. We have one Mission, and that is to give our customers natural adventures.  That has developed over the years, and we are proud of developing knowledge about some of the more special destinations of the world. Of course we offer other destinations as well, and over the past 11 years, we have brought groups to more than 35 countries and maybe as much as 45 destinations within those countries. So of course – we are able to solve most demands.

Destinasjonsservice AS is a small tour operator with great experience, situated in the midle of Norway. We have our agent network throughout the world, but the success with our preferred destinations – as mentioned – is our direct contact with all providers. That gives us controll, good pricing and ultimate knowledge. Our biggest advantage is most likely our small organization, keeping cost level low and personal contact as good as it can be.

We allso do consultancy within travelling organizations, both locally and nation wide.

Creativety is important, but to manage and put creative ideas to life – is even more important.


Espen Bjørkheim
Manager and Adventure General