To serve the unexpected

Travelling is all about adventure – as we like to see it. The best adventures, create great emotions.

We like to say that time demands greater stories, greater adventures and even more substance – to keep interest.

Our clients demand more substance, more reality and more adventure – to create emotions together, build bonds and share esxtraordinary histories.

That motivates, it brings out tears, passion, joy and laughter. This is allso our motivation.

We would love to show you the midnight sun from a sandy Beach in Lofoten, or the Nordic Ligh in all its colors.
It is moving to get to know the beautiful Maasais in Kenya, or sitting in complete silence just four meeters from a big male lion out on the savannah. Or watching the girafs running in slow motion, or the hippos basking in the river while having a cup of coffee next to them.

How about experiencing complete silence on the slegde after 6 friendly dogs between the mountains on Svalbard – doing just the thing they love the most – pulling you! Or driving the snowmobiles, constantly aware of that you could be the next one – seeing the great polar bear.

When the sea eagle dives down beside the boat – creating memorable  images, or when you pull opp a 30 kg. cod out of the deep Oceans of the North, when driving through a herd of elephants or even wathcing a cheta killing its prey – we know that we serve you the unexpected, memories and great adventures.

We will never be the traditional travel agency. but we would love to be your tour operator – beond expectations!