Lofoten is what we like to call the ultimate Norway, and is allso the destination we visit most throughout the year. For more than 10 years we have brought business groups to Lofoten, and we offer groups memorable adventures from the finest Norway has to offer.

Trollfjorden, Svolvær, Kabelvåg, Skrova, Henningsvær, Stamsund, Borg, Leknes, Gimsøy, Nusfjord, Unstad, Reine og Å – and maybe allso Værøy and Røst. A once in a lifetime nature experience. We tell storries with the nature as a beautiful backdrop, and it all gives your fantasy about Norway – a new dimention.

Nothing is like Lofoten, and our constantly growing customer base is a proof of that. We offer the finest Norway has to offer, and it should be your right to experience it too – with us.

Move arround in our universe of pictures from Lofoten, make contact – and I would love to tell you more.

We know how to give you the best Lofoten adventure in your limited time. We know the hotels, the Fishermans Cabins, the restaurants, the activities, the storries, the people – and what you want to experience. Let us show you!