The Masai Mara is globally renowned for its glorious open plains and exceptional wildlife. The Masai Mara is home to the greatest gathering of larger mammals on the planet, including such fantastic species as lions, cheetahs, crocodiles, elephants and lots more.

Masai Mara Reserve

Masai Mara National Reserve – is the biggest and most known reserve, and typical for this area is a very low rate of vegetation, big endless savannahs that gives great view and animals which are to be spotted from a good distance.

Naboisho Conservancy

Naboisho however, is a far smaller area with more vetation and a bigger preserved area, which is owned and administrated by the Maasais.  In Naboisho the Maasais are even more in focus, and some of the most important is the co-existence between humans and wildlife.

The Lodges in the area cooperate renting the land from the Maasais, creating a economical Foundation for developing the Maasai society.Naboisho is smaller, has more vegetation, is not so known as Maasai Mara, and for that reason – it allso has more animals.  The animals are more protected in Naboisho, even though the landscape offers big Savannahs, rivers and bush for the game to operate in.

Masai Mara

Masai mara
The big Five - and the Wildlife.

In Masai Mara/Naboisho there is a great number of Wildlife  and the score for experience the Big Five, is great.

Well, we have to be satisfied with four of them basicly, because the Rhinos has chosen to keep themselves more or less in Tanzania, which is on the border to Maasai Mara at south-east. We most likely see Lion, Buffalo, chita, elephant, together with other game in our search for the big 5.

The mighty giraf makes big impressions from 10 meter distance, and baboons, zebras, all kinds of atelopes, warthogs, hyenas, jackals and crocodiles is no less a great sight in their own territories. Not to forget the Migration in august / september, where millions of animals migrate back to Serengeti / Tanzania. It is a breathtaking view.  Still, the recident herds, allways keep the Wildlife in Kenya rich.

The Maasais

The Maasais is a semi-nomadisk tribe that is mostly situated in Kenya and Tanzania. Most of them is situated in Kenya, and the total number of Maasais is told to be arround 1,3 millioner people, and 900.000 of those stay in Kenya. Their characteristc clothing, their well know jumping dance called «adumu» and their co-excistence with wildlife – makes the Maasais maybe the most known tribe outside African borders.

The Maasais live «co-existing» with wild animals, they do not hunt neither eat game, and like this – they are a crusual cause of caretaking wildlife in Kenya / Tanzania. The wildlife is a very important ressource for Kenya and the Maasais, where tourism is becomming more and more important for excisting in the mothern society.

We live togheter with the Maasais, they are our guides, our helpers and close friends. The contact we make with the Maasais and the history and knowledge which they share, is – what we like to believe – the main cause for making this such an adventure. It makes our adventure real, when conveyed by Africas own Warriors, with their Incredible storries. We promise you a close encounter with this exciting and most friendly tribe.

Basecamp Masai Mara

Right between the border of  Naboisho Concervancy and Masai Mara National Reserve, you find Basecamp Maasai Mara. The first camp, which today is one of three camps in the Basecamp organization in Kenya. From Maasai Mara we have the best starting point for visiting the well known Reserve, that is well konwn for its open Savannah and endless numbers of wildlife.

The facilities are of course high standard, and the area where the camp is placed – is beautiful. The park in between the huts, the river and the view to the Reserve – is just beautiful and makes this a kind of its own oasis.

Get to know one of the Basecamp Projects as well, the Masai Womens Project – one of many projects administrated by av Basecamp Explorer to help improve the Maasai life, standard and economy. This particular Project gives Maasai Women the oportunity to start their own business, creating handmade items and Jewelry – making their own money, which has been somehow out of the question in Maasai Families – traditionally.

Basecamp Eagle View

Eagle View is the newest and most exclusive camp in the Basecamp organization. We like to end our safari adventure with some nights here, moving together with our guides and friends, taking a closer look at the Incredible Naboisho Concervancy. As maybe one of the main differences, Naboisho is not a part of the National Reserve, and is somehow a litle less regulated in terms of this beeing somehow more available than the Reserve – that allso closes at night. We can allso do gamedrives at night and into the dark – which is most exciting – searching the red eyes of a lion from our infrared fashlights.

The standard is higher at Eagle View, and more exclusive in terms of living right in the midle of wildlife, with no fences towards the wildlife. Even though the Maasai Warriors keep us safe throughout our stay here. It is a fifferent feeling staying here, but by all means – it is safe .

Waking up in the morning, beeing served coffee at your own terrrace watching the sunrice, before going out with the jeeps at seven o`clock –  is amazing.

The Trip

We travel at night from Norway to Nairobi, and early morning day 2 – we allready fly out to Maasai Mara and are ready for our adventure – arriving the Concervancy at 11:00 AM. From here, we enter another time, world and perspective.

Visiting the Maasai Mara alone, you need the time from 2 – 4 nights minimum, depending of time available. Our Kenya Express trip, is just two nights spent out in the bush – at Eagle View, and our visitors say that it feels like a week.


KLM / Kenya Airways is highly suitable for our trips. Spending nighttime flying to Nairobi and nighttime flying back home.

If you do not want to, there is no reason for having to stay in Nairobi before going out to the Reserve,  or when comming back.

All Inclusive

What you eat and drink when staying at our camps, is all Inclusive. That goes for local beers and glaces of wine, mineral water and water/still water. The beer (Tusker) is one of the best ever tasted – says our Clients too – and the wine is often good South African.

You are more than welcome to purchase whatever you like apart from this, on your own expences – of course.

Travel Leaders – Guides

Our knowledge and our experience is your benefit, and beeing precent and available for you all the time – is granted.

We travel with you- the Maasais take care of you, and you can just enjoy this adventure.


The best times of the year for visiting Kenya / Maasai Mara is – in our opinion – is all year round, maybe except from July, when it is hot.

Rainseason is told to be arround the month of April, but over the past two or three years, this has only been minor showers  – mainly.

Food & Service

The food and service, and the uqality of it – is really a priority. It is safe to eat all we serve, and we stribe to make this an adventure as well.

We do not eat game (wild animals), so that kind of experiences are not present in our camps.

There is normally two and three course meues at every meal, from breakfast to dinner. It is all coocked by our Maasais, adapted to the interntional style of coocking and preperation.


All the safaris are All Inclusive in your stay in our camps.

We have traditional game-drives in jeeper with our maasaiguides/drivers, which share all their enormous knowledge about wildlife – with us. Normally two times a day. We can do walking safaris, which is most exciting – walking with the Maasai Warriors across the Savannah – with the posibillity of meeting a lion, an elephant or other game…

There is allways a plan in cooperation with our guests, and we allways discuss the next day adventure, adapting our guests wishes.


If you follow our rules and the Maasais regulations, yor are completely safe on our trips.  Of course, there are allways precautions when visiting wild animals territory, because that is just what we are doing.

The Maasai knowlegde of co-excisting with the wild animals, is enormous – and impressing. It makes you feel safe – all the way.  That comes in hand – stopping the jeep just four meters from two big male lions, basking in the sun…


Vaccines before entering Kenya,  er required. Talk to your local Office of Vaccines, for the right vaccines for Kenya. Normally you need vaccines for : Hepatitis A. Hepatitis B. Diphteria, Tetanus (stivkrampe), Pertussis (kikhoste),  Polio and Yellow Fever. This is three shots. This come in addition to Malaria tablets and og drinkable vaccine for bowel diseases (tarmsykdommer).

In Total this can be estimated to somwhere arround NOK  kr. 2.500,- pr. person.


It is all totaly Casual. No need for the suit on this trip, even though it is very Nice that people are dressed nicely for dinner. But – all casual.

«Safariclothing» is smart and propper shoes are good. Mountain shoes is smart – a lot uses that, or propper shoes for hiking.

Bring your shorts, sandals is smart – when it normally is Nice warm weather.

Bring a jacket as well, when evenings can be much colder. Remember, Maasai Mara is situated 1600 – 1700 meters above sea level.


Mosquitos is not a big problem in the Mara, but for those highly sensitive for bites, should bring repellent.  Masai Mara ligger på ca. 16-1700 meters høyde.

The Travel Guarantee Fond - RGF

Destinasjonsservice is a required member of Reisegarantifondet RGF,  which secure travellers financially when bankruptcy within the tour operator.


Each traveller is covered by their own travel Insurance. An extra Insurance can be purchsed through the tour operator, that offers a fly-out from the Mara to the best hospital when acute illness, and back when cured. The cost: $25.


Kenyanan shilling is valid, but we advice US Dollars.

No problem using creditcards in our  lodges/camps

Tip/service is payed when checking out, and it is normal to tip off the guides / drivers – separate.

We will organize this for you.


Make contact for a nice chat about Kenya with Espen Bjørkheim. or call tlf. 975 50 960

and I will provide you with all details

Normally I am your travel leader all the way, making sure you get the adventure you have paid to get.
However – the adventure can not be described. We try – but it has to be experienced:-)

We hope to see you on our next trip to Kenya.
Have a nice trip!