Kenya Express to Masai Mara

– is our own invention. To adapt to an even more busy workday, and to be able to offer something unique within reasonable time spent, we created Kenya Express. Only two days away from work, this oval weekend trip gives you a fantastic experience of a complete different world. Who gets to see the big 5 ?


Thursday (evening)
  • We fly via Amsterdam (KLM) to Nairobi during the night.
Friday (morning)
  • We fly directly with Safari Link out to Ol Seki Naboisho Airstrip (only 45min)
  • Jeep Safari from the airstrip to fantastick Basecamp Eagle View, Check-in in doble luxury huts. This is really private, and in the midle of wildlife. You cannot imagine this, and you are literally living in a zoo, taken care of by our Maasai Warriors.
  • Lunch at Basecamp Eagle View, and then some realaxing at the camp.
  • Afternoon Safari with our jeeps and Masai-guides. We drive into the night and the dark, and it is really exciting.
  • Sundowner and a 3 course dinner at Basecamp Eagle View, before Campfire and storry-telling with our Maasais.
  • Early wake-up by the Maasais with coofee and bisquits on your own terrace together with the beautiful sunrice.
  • Early morning Safari. It is exciting to watch the Savannah waking up and the animals comming to life.
  • Picnic breakfast on the Savannah is fantastic. The Maasai Guides takes really good care of you – serving delicious breakfast in the Wild.
  • Lunch at Basecamp Masai Mara, one of our other camps within Basecamp.
  • Here we will allso visit a Basecamp Womens Program, where the Masai women has started their own business developing the Basecamp Maasai Brand.
  • Evening Safari, or maybe you want to sign up for a walking safari with the Maasai Warriors. It`s all up to you.
  • 3 course dinner at Eagle View, and we keep on storry-telling by the campfire in to the night.
  • Early wake-up for those that wants to og for early morning safari again (most visitors do)
  • Or you can consider a walking safari today as well.
  • Breakfast either out on the Savannah or at Basecamp, depending of what you choose.
  • Lunch at Basecamp Eagle View
  • Check out and Safari/transportation back to the Airstrip.
  • Safari Link in the evening back to Nariobi.
  • A quick tour through the city center.
  • A good relaxing dinner at one of the best international restaurants towards the airport.
  • Late evening take off.
  • Early flight change in Amsterdam
  • Arriving Norway arround 12 o`clock.

What a thrill! You feel like you have been away for a week, and the travel distance is long gone forgotten. It`s all worth the effort.

We have had several big sales-organizations in Norway for this Kenya Express trip, all of them – overwhelmed!

» We were extremely Lucky to have the opportunity to travel with Espen, Destinasjonsservice and his team to Kenya.  A group of 16 lucky winners had the adventure of their lives! We felt privileged og humble by the adventure of watching Maasai Mara in it`s own environment. This adventure and the expertise which the local guides – the Maasai Warriors – gave us, was amazing. The wildlife exceeded all our expectations, and the people we met all over were all friendly and some of the most happy people you could ever meet. We felt safe and well taken care of, throughout this overwhelming experience.  –                                

Simeon Aldren, Spaceworld Norway »

«We have all seen it on Television and heard friendes and familiy talking it, but nothing could prepare us for this fantastic adventure in Kenya ! Together with good colleagues, we were treated with extraordinary service and hospitality by the Maasais in the camp, constantly taken care of by Destinasjonsservice v/ Espen. As allways, Espen had full controll – and did facilitate this trip quite excellent. It is impossible to tell you about all the adventures in an adequate way, it was just a magnificent tour, and the adventure of all our lives. 

Eagle View, had all you could requre. Not too much, not missing anything. Fantastic food and service and the knowledge everybody shared, was Incredible. The game drives minimum a couple of times each day – were breathtaking.

If you are to travel businesswise, as motivation, incentive or  with other purposes, wanting to do something else than going somewhere
everybody allready have been – i will strongly recomend you Destinasjonsservice AS and the trip to Basecamp – Kenya, Maasai Mara,
We were a fantastic bunch when we came, but left with another storry together – to remember for life 


Rune Paulsen, Staples Norway AS «

Ask for a package price, and join us for your next incentive adventure!


Espen Bjørkheim
Adventure General