The Exotic North!

The Exotic North is a our brand of our three unique destinations in the North : Lofoten (Norway), Svalbard (Norway) and Iceland.

Through numerous years we have done tailormade trips for groups to all three destinations, and build an expanding network with all the right hotels, restaurants, eventsuppliers and agents of all kinds. This is our speciality, and what we are most keen on offering. Norway has two of the most unique destinations in the world with beautiful Lofoten on our north west coast, and Svalbard in the artic right between Norways mainland and Greenland. With a populaton of 2000 inhabitants and 3000 polar bears, it is spectacular and exiting. Iceland itself is allso unique, all build on the vulcanic soil that is covering the whole island. Added with hotsprings and glaciers, whale safaris and vulcanoes, it fits perfect in to our unique exotic destinations.

This unique destinations are up for your visit any time, and each one has its own charm all year arround.


Lofoten is probably the most romatic picture of Norway you can imagine. 

Most of the Norway PR-pictures are taken in Lofoten – and that is no wonder. The beautiful fjords, the mountains, the sealife, the romantic fishermans villages,  the islands, the fishery it self, the eagles, the way of living, the history, RIB safaris, whale safaris, the Nordic light, the midnight sun and not to forget – probably some of the worlds best food! If you are adventures, some of the most spectacular off-pist skiing in the world takes place here wintertime. This scenery is not to be explored anywhere else in the world. You will understand that – after we have shown you this part of the Northern Norway.

From Oslo, you go to Lofoten ( Svolvaer or Leknes ) via Bodø, a two and a half hour trip, where the last 20 minuite trip is a fantastic scenery if the weather is on our side. We tend to start our journey in «the Capital» of Lofoten – Svolvær, moving out and south – if wanted.


Right between the mainland of Norway and Greenland, in the artic part of Norway – you find these dessert islands called Svalbard. The biggest one of the islands is Spitsbergen, where we stay and starts our expeditions.

Svalbard is never to be described, you need to explore it. You can go all year round of course, but the main season in Svalbard is in wintertime, and normally between late January and June.  Note that the sun does not appear again until late February.

Summertime is allso nice, the difference is the level of destinations to reach, which is much higher – wintertime. Summertime we use Zodiac boats to get arround, and we get alot arround that part of the year as well.

Svalbard is exclusive, both in the way of reaching it as a tourist – and allso regarding prices. Svalbard is on our higher level of costs, but this is allso one of the «once in a lifetime experiences» in the world.  Destination Service is your dedicated agent of Svalbard working along with only the best suppliers.

Explore this beautiful nature by snowmobiles, dogsledges, zodiac boats, by skiis, by foot or by cars – as long as the road goes Do this in daytrips, in two-day trips, or longer if you want. Our guides and experts take you as far as you want to go.
Looking for Polar Bears is quit Natural for all vistitors, even though only 2% of tourists in Svalbard is lucky enough to see one.  But the risk is allways there – so we stay allert, all the time.
We work together with the only destination company in Svalbard that offers you overnight possibillities outside the main city of Longyear, and we combine trips with spending nights in these spectacular surroundings. The Ship In The Ice, Icefjord Radio, the Cabin of Nordenskjöld and other destinations, are organized by us.

Svalbard is the most unique, the most exotic and the most special Norway that is reachable for everyday people, that get to explore the adventures side of themselves – their inner explorer !

To reach to Svalbard we go by plane from Oslo directly to Longyear, or we go via Tromsø.  There is everyday trips to Longyear.


This last exotic destination in the north – is Iceland. Verry unique, verry international in one way when it comes to the lively city of Reykjavik, but then so dessert when you leave the city to explore the wild outback of Iceland.

  • Iceland
  • Iceland
  • Iceland
  • Iceland

What we should describe first of all, is all the great restaurants you get to explore in Reykjavik. Many of them extraordinary, high level restaurants. The other thing to describe is the fact that the price level has gone from former mad, to todays normal and reachable.

To explore Iceland you NEED to go out of the city in one way or another. We allways suggest a full day trip with Monster Trucks, reaching every little aspect of the country. We have the best guides for you, and the best cars – of course. Exploring both glaciers, vulcanoes, waterfalls, hotsprings, roaring powerplants, beautiful nature and the strange vulcanic soil covering all of Iceland.
Another fantastic thing to do in Iceland, is of course going Whalewatching. With 95% chance of seeing the Humpbackwhales and Dolpins, it is a fantastic thing to do in Iceland.

Then it is time to enjoy both the restaurants and nightlife, maybe allso a dip in the famous Blu Lagoon – the hotspring spa that is a «one need to visit» in Iceland.

Iceland is a high reachable destination from all over the world, and from Oslo we go directly to Reykjavik every day of the week.

The total combination!

For some of our clients,  we put together the best program combining both Lofoten and Svalbard, or one of them combined with some days on Iceland. We have all kind of clients, and have the right contacts to handle both high-end and regular clients, whatever demands you may have.
Dealing with us, you get the whole package from A – Z , if you want.

So, welcome to contact us either if you are normally curious of either one of the destinations, or if you want us to put together the whole Exotic North Experience.