A touch of Madness…. Svalbard is the most exotic destination in Norway, and maybe – one of the most wanted. Svalbard gives you the expedition adventure that fits all, and we put together the program that suits you – despite your ambitions.  Do you want to feel like an Explorer ?  Do you want to Challenge yourself and maybe spend several days – or weeks perhaps – in the fantastic nature of Svalbard, we can offer it all.


«Set high in the Arctic Ocean, theremote Svalbard archipelago extends between 74 and 81° north, abouthalfway between Tromso in Norway and the North Pole. It is thenorthernmost place in Europe and is the farthest north you can travel byscheduled flight. Spitsbergen offers arctic experiences on the edge ofthe inhabitable world, but it’s not as inaccessible as people mightthink. Start in the morning from the middle Europe and you will be inLongyearbyen by mid-day – and in one of our remote stations by theevening.There are no roads outside Longyearbyen. Here you are really in the border of the civilization. Outside the city only the vast wilderness is waiting for you.   Despiteits history of coal mining and trapping, Spitsbergen is primarypristine wilderness – one of the most fragile ecosystems anywhere. It isimportant for us as tourism company – as well as you as a guest on theArctic Archipelago – to take care of the fragile arctic nature.  Wewelcome you warmly to join us on our ecological expeditions. Not onlydo you get to experience one of the rarest natures in the world but youcan do it with clear conscience, knowing that together we have taken onestep closer to change the course of the global warming.»

Basecamp Explorer – Spitsbergen
Is the one provider at Svalbard that offers several combinations of staying outside Longyearbyen.  That makes it easy for us to make overnight trips that gives the real expedition feeling and a fantastic chance to explore the real Svalbard. The guides takes you arround Spitsbergen on foot, on skiis, dogsledding, by snowmobiles or by boats on the ocean.

Basecamp Isfjord Radio
Is situated all the way out on Kapp Linne – the last stop before Greenland, and is all renewed the last years to a qulity design hotel with all facilities. And the food ……. ? The food is fantastic. Make the trip past Barentsburg, and experience the simple life of the isolated russian coal mine society

Ship in the ice
Have you ever heard about the Ship in the Ice in the Templefjord. A Perfect destination for your overnight trip by snowmobiles or dogsledding.  For smaller groups this is both exciting and different, and the trip – is magical.  The more than 100 year old schooner Noorderlicht that gets frozen in each year,  is a different and lovely base for the night, before heading further – or back home. This allso gives you a great base for heading east – looking for the great polar bear, which is more often seen out there.


Basecamp Nordenskiöld
Basecamp Nordenskiöld is Basecamps last option on Spitsbergen. 100km north east of Longyear as far as you get in the Billefjord, is this beautiful place situated. It offers fantastic surroundings for hiking and exploring the glaciers. For those that loves the real natural adventures, this is great and more primitive.

Basecamp Hotel
Anyway, going out or comming back, our fantastic base – Basecamp Hotel – in Longyear, makes you feel taking part of something unique. From there – it just escalate….. I`ll help your group to get the best Svalbard adventure – within your time available, and I am good at it!


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